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The value of compliantly raising capital in the market is absolutely critical, and the eVest platform will give that to any operator who jumps into the platform.

Geoff Thompson

Managing Partner, LendCanna

Some of the industries we service

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Real Estate
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Motion Pictures
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Oil & Gas

What Our Customers Have to Say

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We at Bright Star Scientific decided to engage the services of the eVest portal because we could go right to the site, put all of our information in with little instruction, and be up and running very quickly. We needed to adjust our tactics a bit once we learned from their team more about SEC rules and regs, and the eVest team was very knowledgeable. They are expert and efficient at their jobs and now we have started raising funds. Once we learned about the SEC’s Regulation D 506 C, it seems like the right choice for us. They have even done much of the heavy lifting work for their clients, and they have definitely gone out of their way to make this a success.

Bright Star Scientific