2021 is the Year of Wall Street’s Disruption and the Party is Just Getting Started

Jacksonville, Florida February 3, 2021 – It is often said that change is the only constant.  Disruption was the name of the game in 2020 and it will likely continue to be the dominant theme in 2021.  When the word “disruptor” is used, most people shift their thoughts to specific industries, such as the auto industry, that is being disrupted by new, comparably green technologies.  However, as recent events show, Wall Street is also being disrupted. 

The investing public has had enough from the greedy Wall Street bourgeoisie and finally taking matters into its own hands. Platforms like eVest Marketplace are already lining up anticipating this long overdue market transformation. “The pandemic actually helped fuel this retail trading saga in that lockdowns created a vacuum in which to spend cash. Multiple rounds of stimulus, excess savings, low consumer debt and rising home equity amped up retail investor participation” noted Daniel Summers CEO of eVest Technology.

The Investor Revolution is Being Televised

If you watched CNBC in recent weeks, you have surely heard about the battle between Wall Street power brokers and Reddit Robinhooders.  Here is a brief recap of the events.  The Wall Street suits excessively shorted GameStop, AMC and other “old economy” stocks, assuming they would remain penny stocks or even drop toward zero as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to reshape the economy.  The plan was logical yet clearly motivated by wanton greed. 

Instead of pushing for a ban on stock shorts and “put” options that empower investors to make heaps of money as a result of business failures, unemployment and prolonged human misery, the Reddit and Robinhood crowds took an alternative approach by scooping up as much GameStop and AMC stock as they could.  This strategic approach forced the Wall Street bears to cover their risk exposure by purchasing shares of the same stocks they “faded”, effectively sending the prices of those shares higher and higher.  Nick Colas, the founder of DataTrek Research, stated the following in regard to the GameStop situation: “It’s dramatic, and you don’t see this magnitude very often.  But when it happens, it’s spectacular.”

GameStop which posted losses in 8 of the last 10 quarters blew past the $340 mark ($20B valuation) in spite of the fact that the company will likely be out of business within the next half-decade as gamers segue to digital transactions as opposed to relying on brick-and-mortar stores for game purchases.  This is just one example of how the investor revolution is not only thriving but receiving ample attention from the mainstream media, essentially putting a cap on the old guard’s ability to make copious amounts of money on what seem like common sense trades.

Out With the old, In With the New

Wall Street has clearly been put on notice.  The Reddit and Robinhood crew is perfectly willing to counter the financial elite’s ability to profit off of failed enterprises and the pandemic.  Redditors and Robinhooders are colluding with one another to move stock prices in the opposite direction of where they should go, essentially making the stock market somewhat illogical and nonsensical.  CNBC investment analyst Jim Cramer of Mad Money fame chimed in on the drama, stating “Squeeze of a lifetime.  Not since Resorts International have i seen one like this.. Now you see why I spent so much time tweeting about it? “

The anti-establishment ethos is rooted in the millennials’ disdain for the establishment built in the 50s and 60s that still controls commerce as well as the United States’ political scene.  Instead of establishing a stock trading account with a traditional broker such as Charles Schwab, flicking on CNBC at night and reading Barron’s, members of the millennial and Generation Z age cohorts are displaying a powerful irreverence for convention.  These young adults are turning to internet message boards such as Reddit and relatively new startup stock trading apps such as Robinhood to uproot the establishment while simultaneously making money.  This is clearly a David Vs. Goliath fight and David appears to be making progress in the battle, albeit with the help of high-tech tools.

The Middle Man of Wall Street is Being Eliminated

It was not long ago when investors had to pay a commission to a broker to simply buy or sell a stock.  Robinhood changed the game, completely disrupting this once static industry with dynamic no-cost trades.  The bottom line is the investing public is sick and tired of paying a fee to Wal Street yuppies for simply investing their money into stocks, options, mutual funds and other investments. 

Advances in technology have provided the investing public with instant access to information that has the potential to rebalance society both in terms of economics and power.  This information is delivered through the internet’s many channels, highlighted by informative forums such as Reddit, no-commission trades through Robinhood and alternative investment opportunities through the likes of the eVest Marketplace.

eVest Symbolizes the Rise of the Little Guy

The days of institutional investors sharing knowledge with one another and raking in the cash while Main Street struggles are quickly fading away.  The pendulum is clearly swinging in favor of retail investors, headed by those who embrace disruptive and alternative platforms to shift the balance of power back to the people.  It is a long-awaited change that comes on the heels of decades during which investing institutions solely focused on making as much money as possible regardless of the societal and economic ramifications.  This is precisely why eVest is quickly gaining recognition as a proven alternative investing vehicle.  Real, everyday people use eVest to invest their hard-earned money in businesses and other money-making ventures.  This is a stark contrast to faceless institutional investors who manipulate stock prices as well as overarching commerce and even society’s political power brokers.  

eVest takes the investing revolution a step beyond where the Redditors and Robinhooders took it in prior weeks.  eVest provides alternative investing options outside of traditional stocks, opening up much-appreciated avenues for investment that were previously unavailable.  The growing disgust with Wall Street’s corruption is fueling interest in eVest all the more.  The platform presents an opportunity to invest in growing businesses and other organizations without relying on a broker, broker-dealers, Wall Street analysts, CPAs, attorneys and other professionals looking to skim a premium off the top for their own benefit. 

After all, what sense does it make for investment analysts to make millions while driving luxury vehicles when hardworking everyday people struggle to enjoy a decent quality of life and save for retirement?  The masses are clearly tired of the status quo.  There is a growing call for economic change and eVest is spearheading the revolution.

The Times, They are A-Changin’

The public’s opportunity to take full control of its investing dollars without interference from the corporate crooks on Wall Street and third parties has finally arrived.  The days of Wall Street referring to retail investor funds as “dumb money” are now giving way to an era in which retail will be viewed as “smart money” backed by in-depth knowledge and hordes of fellow investors ready and willing to spark the investing revolution.

So-called dumb money bought GameStop and AMC long while so-called smart money shorted these stocks and we are witnessing the people winning.  It is the investing public’s way of saying “No more!” to the titans of Wall Street.  This is also just the beginning of the disruption of the investing landscape.  Stay tuned.  “If I’m right, things are about to get even more interesting. Robinhood just raised another $2.4B to help build for the future to service retail investors. This is the new norm and eVest wants in on it” added Summers.