Capital Syndication Software | NOW with Video Promotions

Everybody has heard it before; a picture worth a thousand words. 

As technology improves, so does the marketing capabilities of technology and the various media available for promotion. 

Over years, users of social media have become accustomed to the typical videos that accompany a social media posting. The best influencers and companies out there are expected to have video content to go along with their message, and for good reason; it gets people’s attention! 

For some time now, investors have been content with a quality written piece of copy to further elaborate on still pictures of investment opportunities. But now, with the ease of video production and distribution, video is an expectation for consumers and investors alike. 

We see in the real estate market quite a bit now. Videos and even virtual tours of properties are offered to would-be buyers. Some of the video experiences are so captivating, that many know they are ready to buy the property before they set an actual foot in the door. 

Imagine having that kind of influence over the investors that you are seeking for your investment deals. 

With eVest’s already powerful platform, you now have the ability to post a 30 second video highlighting your investment offerings. They are eye catching and really transmit the value and opportunity that you are trying to sell. 

Outside of its attractive nature to consumers, there are many reasons for Video Marketing.

Capital syndication software video marketing:

  1. It is informational and educational. It gives the marketer time to explain a product in greater detail and in a format that is much easier for the typical person to understand. 
  2. Marketers are all about SEO; search engine optimization. Basically, certain terms and phrases and their creative usage in a written piece of copy will boost your “findability” on the net. Throw in the power of video and your SEO shoots upward, thereby gaining even more eyes to your ads. 
  3. There is a lot of competition out there, and thus the reason to have strong SEO writing and video capabilities. Only through high quality video and SEO writing can you stand a chance to compete with other groups trying to market their investment opportunities. With our platform, your deals will be near the top!
  4. By next year, video content will account for nearly 15% of all the traffic generated on the net. Video content gives you the opportunity to go “face to face” with consumers in a much more efficient manner than actual face to face. It builds trust and gives those consumers that are on the fence updates that make them more likely to invest. 
  5. Video can increase conversion rates, or successful sales by as much as 90%! Landing pages that are equipped with video, tend to hold possible investors and consumers for a full 2 minutes more, on average. That added time on your website convinces investors to buy/invest at a much more successful rate than traditional written pieces about a product or investment deal. As consumers face more and more screen time, marketers find that they are less likely to read, due to fatigue, and more likely to gravitate towards video content which has a more passive feel to it. 
  6. eVest offers its client a 30 second video instructing them on how to shoot their 1st video. Issues such as lighting, echoing, presentation, etc. are all addressed. Then the eVest video team takes over and brands the video to its client’s corporate identity and offers editing, text input, optimization, music, etc. Ready for Hollywood.

Statistics don’t lie; if you want the best marketing for your investment opportunities, eVest Marketplace  is the one stop shop for all your investment needs, now complete with video marketing capabilities! 

Stop hoping to get lucky with internet traffic and ensure page visits and success with eVest Marketplace.