eVest Technology Integrates AI to Mine for Investors

You know your new business, real estate acquisition or startup needs capital. After all, it is the fuel you will use to build your new product, hire amazing employees, and expand your business.

Are you raising capital from friends, family, or angel investors? If so, a well-written Private Placement Memorandum, or a PPM, can raise the chances of getting your first check while ensuring that your company complies with SEC regulation.

AI Algorithm to Correlate and Deliver a Finely-Tuned List of Prospective Investors

As an alternative to the antiquated PPM (Private Placement Market) in the US, eVest offers a simple-to-use online public offering platform.The eVest platform for private placement deal management offers a better way for sponsors of all types to automate fundraising, tax reporting, and securities underwriting.

Expanding on its mission to help sponsors raise capital for their offerings, eVest Technology is developing and integrating a proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm into its platform. It will be the first complete AI-powered capital syndication platform in the US and is based on the most innovative AI methods. To date, the benefits of data science and machine learning have only been realized by Fortune 500 companies and other larger establishments since Data Scientists & Engineers are rare and very expensive. eVest bit the bullet and put its money where its mouth is.

Soon, eVest clients will be able to upload deal-specific data and immediately realize an AI driven list of prospective leads.

eVest Technology will then be capable of generating geo-centric, high net-worth investors (HNWI). It will also address specific socio-economic tendencies and trends. Our proprietary new technology will leverage leading-edge artificial intelligence to mine prospective investors for clients. This has never been accomplished before for any syndication software.

At eVest Technology we’ve done something unprecedented as Artificial Intelligence brings the power of automated machine learning technology to investment management and real estate syndication.

Our new technology is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence and is just another example of eVest thinking on behalf of our clients’ everyday needs. With comparatively fewer regulatory requirements, selling debt or shares to a small pool of high-net-worth individuals and sophisticated buyers requires robust tools to orchestrate the whole ecosystem. Note that Regulation D offers considerable flexibility for private placement offerings (PPOs) with its registration exemption. However, businesses and companies raising money via private placements have to do it through a PPM (private placement memorandum).

In many cases, a subscription agreement tends to go along with a PPM, detailing return on investments (ROI) as well as the timeline of payoffs. eVest knows that a big challenge for private placement software is automating the management of these subscription agreements. Another key challenge is compliance and legal changes, which might require tweaking the software.

Keeping these challenges in mind, eVest leverages AI to bring speed, structure, and efficiency to fundraising, syndication, and investor relations.

Compliance with Regulation D

A Regulation D offering, also known as Reg D, is a new and effective way to raise more private capital for your startup or business by selling equity shares, debt, or membership units, which are exempt from SEC registration.  And Regulation D is a US Federal program that was created under the Securities Act of 1933. It is a proven way to successfully and efficiently raise capital to grow or start a business.

With digital PPMs, eVest Technology is matching technology with SEC Regulation D exemptions. From motion pictures and real estate to energy, oil and gas, and cannabis, eVest is bridging the supply and demand gap across multiple industries and business domains.

Introduction of Cryptocurrency

We’re also introducing cryptocurrency to our platform. eVest Technology continually strives to provide our clients with the forward-thinking and cutting-edge choices they want and we believe cryptocurrency is an important and viable asset class that can be part of a balanced and well-diversified portfolio. This is another example of being cutting-edge and innovative and going well beyond an average capital-raising platform.

At eVest, we recognize that the adoption of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and blockchain protocols, is exploding,  and we expect this trend to prove long-term and structural.