eVest Technology Launches Software Integrating Artificial Intelligence for Commercial Real Estate Digital Platform



eVest Technology Utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technology for Commercial Real Estate Market Public-facing Capital Raising and Investor Management Software Suite with Exclusive Crowdfunding Capabilities
Jacksonville, Florida (August 27th, 2018) — eVest Technology, an innovative commercial real estate software that automates the capital raising process, has announced the launch of their latest software development utilizing artificial intelligence. With over forty years of commercial real estate experience, founder Daniel Summers develops software to save real estate developers tens of thousands of dollars.
The software built for real estate professionals by real estate professionals offers unique algorithms that aggregates, correlates and creates a customized list of geo-centric data to identify high net-worth prospective investors for their clients. The site is completely SEC compliant meeting private placement memorandum requirements, accreditation verification and automated document execution. eVest Technology offers commercial real estate professionals the most transparent, seamless platform in the industry for a fraction of the cost.
Daniel Summers, CEO and Founder of eVest Technology, says, “Our new software is more than a CRM and accounting program, it will allow professionals to manage their real estate investment offerings like never before. Our back-end control panel allows clients access to an unprecedented level of real-time data, including financial and predictive models created by AI, a digital marketing interface, a host of automated tools, and even an exclusive investor database.”
Until now, artificial intelligence has been utilized in almost every industry except commercial real estate yet automation and artificial intelligence is predicted to provide an economic boost of $14 trillion in additional gross value added, according to Accenture.
Traditionally, commercial real estate developers had to pay approximately $15,000 and possibly wait months for a private placement memorandum. Today, eVest Technology replaces the need for a private placement memorandum with an efficient, SEC compliant digital option which takes just days to process.
Additionally, eVest Technology purchased RealtyeVest, a leading real estate crowdfunding platform, to provide its white-label clients exclusive access to a database of nearly 35,000 investors and 7,000 monthly visitors. Real estate developers can easily post their deal online
and eVest Technology’s API’s analyze data from sources such as the Census Bureau, Department of Motor Vehicles, County Recorder’s Office and even social media accounts to determine the probability someone would be an accredited investor. White-label clients then receive a customized, geo-centric list of 1,000+ high-net worth potential investors to market their crowdfunding campaign to.
“eVest Technology gave us back by far the most thoughtful list of potential customers we’ve ever had. Within minutes of using the list for the first time, we had customers combing through our website and reaching out for more information. eVest will be an important part of all of our projects going forward,” said Jason Voyles, President & CEO of Spectrum Capital.
For additional information on eVest Technology, please visit www.eVestTech.com and @eVestTechnology on Facebook/Twitter.
About eVest Technology: eVest Technology has developed a White Label software platform that introduces a comprehensive digital system that offers the complete menu of features required to market, present and fund real estate investments. Its platform is SEC compliant, which allows for digital PPM’s, accreditation, verification and document execution. Features include advanced financial modeling, automated accounting, real-time CRM dashboard, data driven valuations, customized investor harvesting, exclusive crowdfunding capabilities with RealtyeVest, quick online accreditation and more.
See more about this revolutionary CRE Capital Raising & Investor Management software suite on their website, http://evesttech.com.

Carli Evilsizer
JMG Public Relations