eVest Technology white label services allows for more expansive accounting and dividend features.

eVest Technology white label services allows for more expansive accounting and dividend features.
One of the best reasons for choosing eVest Technology for your syndication needs is due to the ease at which the business operations and communications are carried out seamlessly for you.
Another new and exciting service that is offered for our clients is the new accounting feature that ends the antiquated process of paying out monthly/quarterly dividends on your legacy deals.
Dividends are one of the most attractive perks for gaining investors in the first place, and thus it is an extremely important matter in the real estate business. It should not, however, create inefficiencies for you; that time can be better spent finding the next deal to sell to investors.
Currently, like most real estate syndicators out there, you may find yourself writing out monthly and/or quarterly checks and physically mailing them out to your list of investors. In the 21st Century, can there be a more inefficient manner to do business than going through the mail?
With eVest Technology and our white label service offerings, you will now be able to upload your “legacy” or preexisting clients and those deals into our back-office accounting feature. Future deals can be easily added as well, further simplifying your life and business.
Armed with this new feature in the eVest suite of services, you can now upload your excel or csv lists, complete with investor names, profile information (bank info) and the net cash flow that is to be distributed to the investors.
Dividend payment information is now easily uploaded once a month, or once a quarter, and eVest Technology takes over and distributes the payments accordingly. How much time and money will this automated system save for you? How much value can you place on simplifying the dividend distribution process?
How many services out there offer you this capability, as well as the other incredibly unique and innovative offerings that eVest Technology offers? No one out there does what eVest does, for the level of service or the price. There is no competition for eVest Technology; with their services working for you, you too will face limited competition as well.
Welcome to a whole new world; where information and business operations are powered through technology, allowing you to focus on the next deal and the value that it can bring you and your investors. Welcome to the world of eVest Technology, now offering simplified and tech powered dividend payment strategies.

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