Introduces Massive Upgrade to its Analytics Feature

eVest Technology offers the power Google Analytics for more efficient marketing through cutting edge, modern day real estate syndication platform.
When working with a company known for its cutting edge use of AI(Artificial Intelligence), you know that it is a given that they would offer the power of google analytics to help drive capital raising, brand awareness and investor recruitment.
But you may be asking; just what is google analytics and how does it help with real estate syndication?
According to Google Analytics own website and expertise, any business or organization NEEDS to track website traffic because, “Whether you want to boost sales, find more visitors or improve your mobile app, Google Analytics has the answers and insights you need to improve your business.”
And that is what eVest Technology offers through its platform; google analytics and data presentation for clients of all backgrounds to understand. Clients will have at their fingertips Data to make informed decisions.

Plainly stated, Google Analytics allows any individual, whether an expert or not, to gain insight into what is working on the web and what is not. What is leading traffic to a given website and what is not working? With this DATA and insight, clients are able to continue those marketing strategies that are working and fix, or abandon, those strategies that are not working.
What SEO words and phrases are driving greater traffic to the website? What marketing mediums are most efficient and which are a waste of dollars? These are the types of questions that can be answered through google analytics.
Google Analytics allows eVest Technology clients to know who is visiting their websites, where they are coming from and what they are doing once they make it to the website. What can increase retention and success once they make it to a targeted website?

Knowledge truly is power, and when google analytics is used for greater marketing efficiencies, it gives all of us more power as investors, which leads to greater revenues.
Everywhere you look there are references to social media. What social media strategies are working and which ones are not? Through the use of google analytics, provided as a service via the eVest
Technology platform, clients are able to know which types of posts work and which don’t. Would posts work better through Linkedin, or does the more relaxed atmosphere of Facebook work better? These are the types of questions that are routinely, in real time, answered.
In the early days of the internet, it was important just to have web presence; that is not the case anymore. Along with having a website, you have to drive customers to it, or you will get lost in the
millions of search results out there. Constant analysis of the data is required, and the ability to have that level of marketing vigilance is offered as a service via the eVest Technology platform. An example graph is listed below.

From graphical representations, clients can make informed decisions to better drive traffic. Through the power and insight of Google Analytics, now offered through eVest Technology, clients can
stay ahead of the curve and can constantly recalibrate and change their marketing strategies. Through this information, clients can rest assured that they are making the most economical use of their marketing dollars.
Only through the licensing of eVest Technology can you depend upon the use of artificial intelligence, social media automation and google analytics. When choosing what is best for your investment needs, the choice is clear; eVest Technology.

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