Invest in the Major Motion Picture You Can Take It Or Leave It

The days of limiting your portfolio to stocks, mutual funds and ETFs are quickly fading away.  It is now possible to invest in a major motion picture along with a number of other alternative investments, many of which are considerably more lucrative than traditional investments.  Seize the opportunity to invest in a major motion picture through our revolutionary investment marketplace and you will be ecstatic with the results.  In fact, shares in the film are available for a mere $3,000. 

Why Investing in Movies is Financially Sensible

Wouldn’t it be nice to diversify your investment risk, shielding your hard-earned money from the undulations of the economy and the stock market?  You can do exactly that with an alternative investment in the form of a feature film.  Invest in You Can Take It Or Leave It and you will be one of many parties to invest around $3 million in this major motion picture.  Your investment has the potential to pay considerable dividends, especially if the film is a hit.  This is your opportunity to bypass the element of risk inherent in traditional investments such as stocks and mutual funds, instead opting for an alternative investment vehicle that is focused on making money through entertainment. 

There is no need to worry about the peaks and troughs of the economy or stock market when you take such an alternative investing route.  Rather, the success of the investment is determined by the work performed by those responsible for the motion picture.  Even if you hold other more traditional investments, redirecting some of your cash to funding a major motion picture is sensible simply because it diversifies your investing portfolio.

Consider the Cool Factor

Take a moment to consider how nice it would be to be invited to a major motion picture’s opening, cast party and other related events.  Your name would scroll through the credits at the end of every film showing.  This means your name would be forever attached to a hit movie, cementing your status as a successful investor and also as an individual with exemplary taste in the performing arts.

Invest in You Can Take It Or Leave It and you will have the opportunity to hobnob with Hollywood and film industry insiders.  This is your chance to expand your network, connect with film industry power brokers and learn about the movie industry.  Your investment really will help a major motion picture get off the ground, complete production and make it to the big screen as well as smaller in-home screens.  It doesn’t get any cooler than that.

A Relatively Minor Investment in a Movie can pay off Quite Considerably

The opportunity to invest in a private Hollywood feature film is available for a limited time.  Invest as little as $3,000 during this brief window of opportunity and you will own real shares in the film.  The first 10 VIP investors are treated to a completely private pre-release showing of the movie including a trip to Hollywood for a glitzy premier along with a 5-star dining experience.  If that weren’t enough, consider the fact that investors in You Can Take It Or Leave It can even feature their friends and family members in the movie through small speaking roles. 

Crunch the Numbers

The target goal is for each investor to receive a 120% return on his or her initial investment through quarterly dividends (12% annually), paid through a 50/50 revenue split with the production company.  You Can Take It Or Leave It features well-known, experienced actors so the worldwide projection of 1,500% is well within reason.   

The icing on the cake is the investors’ private dinner with You Can Take It Or Leave It’s writer, director and producer.  This insightful interaction with Hollywood insiders will prove truly unforgettable.  

Pre-production of You Can Take It Or Leave It will take place through December.  The film’s production is set to commence in the spring of 2021.  Reach out to us today to find out more about this one of a kind investing opportunity. 

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