Marketing Tools | At the Whiteboard with Dan Summers

Because eVest Technology partners with a powerful & successful crowdfunding company (RealtyeVest), our users are able to take advantage of several marketing resources. As a result of successfully marketing our brand, we know how to drive digital traffic. Our Clients will not only have their deals posted on RealtyeVest, which has over 5,000 viewers each month, but they will also have the ability to access the growing RealtyeVest investor data base of 15,000.


Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Dan Summers. I’m the CEO of RealtyeVest and eVest Technologies.
Today I want to spend a couple seconds of your time and talk about digital marketing.
What we do is a myriad of different avenues in which to digitally market offerings.

“Digital Marketing tools”

SEO which is basically blogging and keeping yourselves relevant.
SEO: Search Engine Optimization
PPC which is pay-per-click.
PPC: Pay-Per-Click is purchased advertisement space, online most commonly used with search engines.
Social media which is Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.
SOCIAL: Social media outlets such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
Video YouTube or videos like this.
VIDEO: Constantly creating new content on Video Platforms (ex. YouTube)
Of course, email so we can use Contact, MailChimp, and some other services.
EMAIL: One of the most commonly used tactics where you send out information to a potential or current client.
All in which we push out to your landing page which is basically your offering.
And that works in concert with our application which is the backend, the entity that does all of the heavy lifting, and hopefully all that effort results in funding your transaction.
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