The eVest Story

eVest Technology is disrupting the Private Placement Market and replacing it with its Online Public Offering (OPO) Market, creating a whole new Modern Capital Syndication Industry.

eVest Technology has disrupted the Private Placement Market by recognizing the opportunities afforded by the SEC to the Capital Syndication Industry. For the 1st time in 80 years, the SEC has changed the playbook in favor of Sponsors of Private Placements. And the changes are significant however not broadly broadcasted. The PPM cottage industry has been replaced with Regulation D 506 c. And eVest has built a business platform specifically addressing this opportunity.

Reg D 506 c affords Sponsors of Private Placements the advantage of General Solicitation while minimizing their liability by only allowing accredited investors to participate in these offerings. It is the least expensive, fastest and easiest exemption under which a Sponsor can bring their offering to market.

Traditional PPM’s costing $15,000+ are replaced with digital PPM’s, expensive operating and subscription agreements are replaced with expertly drafted templates, accreditation & dividend distributions are automated, a cutting edge automated CRM allows for filtered document distribution, Landing Pages & Pitch Decks can also be designed by the eVest marketing team. 

eVest is the only SEC compliant SaaS platform that combines Reg D 506 c with digital technology to expeditiously and inexpensively bring its clients offering to market within days not weeks. The comprehensive and seamless platform was diligently built over 2 years by a team of programmers and led by an industry titan with over $2B of syndication experience.

eVest offers the only one-stop comprehensive answer for raising capital. All while being SEC compliant and offered under a single SaaS license. Consider us for your next capital raise. It’s the smart move.