How the Private Placement Software Is Affecting the Market

The Private Placement Market is Dead!

This new Industry no longer requires formal PPM’s or discretionary marketing.

The floodgates have opened to general solicitation through digital technology. The big question is; how does one embrace this new opportunity without a team of software engineers?

eVest Technology is the answer.

Here Is How Our Private Placement Software Is Changing the Future!

eVest has developed an OPO, a private label platform that comprehensively automates the marketing-through-funding process for CRE professional’s projects.

eVest Technology, a forward looking and visionary firm, has even developed and integrated a proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithm into the platform; which is capable of generating geo-centric, high net-worth investors, address specific socio-economic trends and tendencies and a forthcoming valuation feature that will ultimately replace the time consuming and costly appraisal process.

“E-Vest Technologies took the time to truly understand who our customer is. They asked thoughtful questions and made intelligent suggestions. They took that understanding, put it through their process and gave us back by far and away the most qualified list of potential customers we’ve ever had. Within minutes of using the list for the first time, we had customers combing our website and reaching out for more information. E-Vest will be an important part of all of our projects going forward.

Pete Farris – Spectrum Capital, LLC (Director of Digital Assets)

The OPO platform conforms to Reg D 506 (c) Title II exemptions of the SEC Regulations. Consequently, accredited investors are qualified and documents are executed without leaving the site. The public-facing landing page acts as your PPM, describing all the pertinent information required to make a financial decision for an investor. Funding is facilitated through online accommodations. The back-end offers real time analytics for professionals to track investor’s interest and monitor capital accounting.

eVest has taken capital raising to a new level, bringing cutting edge, state of the art technology to an antiquated commercial real estate industry,” states Dan Summers, it’s CEO.

Summers, a 30+ year veteran real estate syndicator continued, stating, “It took me 10 years to build my company for its 1999 IPO; I could have done it in 3 years with my latest technology.”

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