Raising Capital in Today’s Digital World

As time progresses, entrepreneurs are shifting away from raising capital through traditional avenues in favor of digital avenues.  Between SEO, social media, PPC, videos, crowdfunding and beyond, there are all sorts of effective ways to raise capital online.  These web-based avenues are cost-efficient compared to traditional outbound advertising such as ads on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc. Embrace the challenge of raising capital in the digital realm and you will find it connects you to the financiers who will ultimately help your business reach its true potential.


PPC is an efficient means of raising capital, largely because it connects your business to target financiers without a significant investment of time or money.  PPC is an acronym that is short for pay-per-click.  The cost of PPC ads is determined by the number of clicks they receive.  Run these targeted ads and your business will connect to those who are most inclined to lend capital.  These ads are tailored to such individuals based on their web search activities, geographic location, pages visited, etc.  

Web traffic funneled through PPC ads generates 50% more lead conversions than regular internet traffic.  PPC ads appear on search engines and other sites relevant to the target audience.  This targeted advertising is effective as it zeroes in on those who are genuinely interested in financing new enterprises.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms have quickly transformed from digital spaces where friends and family socialize into important sites for raising capital and connecting with other business professionals.  Most people are surprised to learn the average cost per thousand impressions on Facebook is a mere $7.29 versus $35 for commercials on TV.   

Facebook and other social media platforms draw revenue from digital advertising.  The executives who operate these platforms compile data pertaining to each user’s likes/dislikes, interests, demographics, etc.  Advertise your call for capital on social media and you will be able to key in on those most likely to be interested in providing such financing.  
Furthermore, merely having a presence on social media might be enough to spread the word about your need for venture capital and ultimately generate the funds your business needs.  Social media encourages people to share information with one another and establish connections that set the stage for raising capital.

Email Marketing

Email marketing certainly isn’t the most intriguing avenue for connecting with venture capitalists yet it has the potential to prove fruitful.  Encourage those who visit your website or social media pages to sign up for your email list.  Transmit email messages in a personalized manner and you will cultivate relationships that have the potential to help your business raise a significant amount of capital in a short period of time.  If you have any doubts about the effectiveness of email marketing, consider the fact that nearly 60% of marketers report email provides the best return on investment.

As long as your emails provide valuable insight, knowledge or something that piques the target audience’s interest, the recipients will read it or at least scan it, giving you the chance to plant a metaphorical mental seed of sorts that might lead to funding.  If you are struggling to expand your email newsletter subscriber base, consider offering a freebie or discount, be it in the form of a free eBook, access to a members-only segment of your website or something else.  This form of positive reinforcement, albeit minor, has the potential to quickly expand your email list, ultimately helping you connect with more potential parties who are interested in financing your company.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO connects your business with prospective financiers with the use of specific keywords, key phrases and local identifiers.  Figure out exactly what prospective financiers are likely to search for, use those keywords and key phrases in your online content and they will find the various components of your online footprint with surprising ease.  

Ideally, your online content will feature targeted keywords and key phrases at a saturation rate of 0.5% to 3%.  Use these keywords and key phrases at a higher percentage and Google might punish you for oversaturating your online content with keywords in an attempt to draw traffic your way.  Use the keywords/key phrases below a 0.5% saturation rate and you run the risk that Google won’t recognize your content and rank it in the search engine results pages (SERPs).  Stive for the happy medium of 1.5% and web traffic will eventually move your way.

Recognize the Power of Video

Some of those looking to invest in new enterprises prove more responsive to video content as opposed to the written word.  Incorporate video into your online content including your homepage, service pages, social media and beyond.  Embedding video into blog posts makes your online content that much more dynamic and engaging.  Share your videos on your social media pages and your followers will pay closer attention to the merit of your value offering, “like” your posts and share them with their network, greatly enhancing the chances of a capital infusion.

eVest Technology

Probably the most progressive, intuitive technology platform in the industry. Built from a practitioner’s perspective, this white label software was designed to take the guess work out of Reg D 506 c capital raising efforts and boost it to the next level. The entire platform has transposed an antiquated industry to a comprehensive digital reality. Now, for the 1st time eVest has integrated a digital marketing department into its platform to create and design a tailored digital marketing plans for its white label clients. “ We’ve come full circle. From the syndication platform to the eVest Marketplace and now designed marketing campaigns makes us a one-stop-shop” said Dan Summers, CEO Evest Technology.