eVest Technology is knee deep in its first Series A offering

eVest Develops a Comprehensive Digital Work-Flow Solution
Following our official launch on August 27, 2018 we are excited to share that we are coming to market with our first Series A stock offering. Our digital work-flow solution was developed to raise capital and manage investors including analysis and accounting features is blowing the lid off the industry. “The world does not need another CRE software platform…. just a better one” admitted Dan Summers, CEO of eVest Technology.
Utilizing our Investor Extraction Engine, eVest white label clients can harvest thousands of geo-centric high net-worth prospective investors instantly using its proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI).
“This AI Feature is but a singular construct within our Work-Flow Automation System. The investment from the Series A capitalization allows for increased sales, marketing and high-end Research & Development. After all, R & D without AI is not R & D anymore,” continued Summers.
We are raising $2,000,000 for a 20% stake in the company with a 48-60 month horizon generating a 10.5 multiple on EBITDA. For a detailed 5-year Pro Forma and Business Plan, please click here to execute our Confidentiality Agreement.