Stop Wasting Your Time With “STUPID” Emails

How often do we delete an email without even reading its message. We’re bombarded with the constant inflow of nonsense emails. Everything from frozen steaks to rental car offers to free phones. It’s nauseating at best. I take one look at the image and/or subject line and boom they’ve gone into junk. But, truth be told 92% of online adults use email and 99% of email users check their email up to 20 times per day and 59% of recipients are influenced by these emails. That’s powerful! Now…how do we take advantage of this without abusing the reader.

  1. Subject Lines: The average email reader receives 121 emails daily. Who has time or patience to read all 121. No one. So the line of demarcation is the “Subject” line. It’s as easy as that. You need to sell them in 50 characters or less. Remember, most users use their phones to check emails. No room for storytelling. Don’t…..
    1. Spammy red flags: don’t use one-word subject lines, watch for spelling errors, multiple exclamation or question marks, all caps, long meandering subject lines.
    2. Do….Put a lot of thought into this message. Create a sense of urgency, write with a sense of being catchy. Precise word-smithing is integral here. Really think who your reader is and craft a quick-to-the-point reason to continue down the email. Personally, I love solving for pain-points.
  2. Design: This is just as important as your subject line. Readers will read the Subject and very quickly scan the design. You have one chance for a 1st impressions. Make it count. Go for an eye-catching template with flashy/classical visuals (pictures, charts, videos, GIFs). Use your logo and maintain your logo colors throughout. Keep the look simple, clean and watch your font size and spacing. You can gather some great design ideas from Mailchimp.
  3. Don’t sound promotional. Be educational and informative. You can weave that promotional message while maintaining a subtle message about your offering. Tone is everything. Very important…Less is more. Keep the verbiage relatable in a somewhat conversational style that demonstrates that this is not your 1st rodeo.
  4. Include a Call To Action (CTA). You’re not sending this email to make friends. You’re sending this to develop dialogue. Keep them moving through the funnel. You want to show off your wares. Include links to your website, social media pages, your email and phone number and/or a specific request for action… You need to make it easy to engage.
  5. Manage your leads. It’s easy to get lost in the hysteria of marketing your offering. There are great tools in today’s digital world such as Constant Contact or MailChimp that offer data to analyze traffic and keep track of opens and clicks. There’s where the money is. Who opens and ultimately clicks. Set up a system that handles these clicks.
  6. Drip campaigns are critical for establishing ongoing email contact with tactical up-tempo messages to get them through the marketing funnel and ultimately a high net worth client. Careful word crafting of perhaps 4 emails 3-5 days apart with the goal of subtlety convincing the recipient you’re an established Sponsor with a solid investment opportunity. Let’s talk.
  7. Lastly, You can buy or rent lists of high net worth prospects geo-centric to your offering. You can even partner with a publication that targets your audience and have them send the emails. This way, they’re responsible for Spam and Opt-Ins.

Watch for further insight on “digital marketing” to raise capital for your next syndication.

Good Luck & Stay Safe