The Cannabis and Hemp Business is Generating Record Breaking Returns for Investors

If you do not use, grow or sell cannabis, it is easy to lose track of this industry.  After all, what is out of sight tends to be out of mind.  Those who don’t frequent medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries often bypass the opportunity to invest in this industry as the subject matter simply does not enter their sphere of influence.  However, the bottom line is the cannabis and hemp industries are rapidly growing, creating money-making opportunities investors can no longer ignore.

You are now Empowered to Invest in the Cannabis and Hemp Businesses

There is a common misconception that investing in cannabis and hemp is limited to a select group of publicly traded stocks.  Though you can certainly invest in cannabis businesses through the traditional stock market, there are also burgeoning opportunities to invest in this growing industry outside of traditional avenues.  Consider an alternative investment in cannabis and hemp through the eVest Marketplace.  This alternative route provides you with the opportunity to invest in cannabis/hemp businesses that have serious money-making potential. 

The best part is these businesses are opening up a path to ownership and ensuing revenue to investors who have an irreverence convention and think outside of the box – meaning only those willing to take the path less traveled will be interested.  Expand your investing horizons to such an alternate path and you will seize the opportunity to get in on profitable cannabis and hemp businesses before they reach their true potential.  The same cannot be said of most cannabis and hemp companies that are publicly traded in the form of stocks. 

The bottom line is it is hard to gain an inside track when investing in stocks those who obtain information the quickest have a timely inside scoop and establish positions before everyone else.  Opt for eVest Marketplace investing and you will have the opportunity to get in on cannabis and hemp businesses before the masses, establishing an ownership stake and growing your investment, possibly at a faster pace than would be possible with conventional cannabis stocks traded on the NASDAQ, NYSE, etc.

The Cannabis and Hemp Industries are Blazing Hot

Turn on CNBC or the Fox Business Channel for a couple hours and you will likely hear about at least one cannabis/hemp stock.  Pick up the latest edition of Barron’s and you are sure to find one or even several marijuana stocks featured on the initial couple pages.  This is a scorching hot industry generating record breaking returns with each passing quarter. 

New Jersey, Montana and Arizona are the latest states to legalize the green stuff for recreational purposes.  It is quite possible a Biden-Harris administration will push for making cannabis legal for recreational use across the entirety of the land, paving the way for cannabis/hemp investors to rake in even more cash.

Oregon, Illinois, Colorado and several other states have reported record breaking cannabis sales figures for several months straight.  This record setting revenue is rolling in to cannabis-oriented enterprises even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic trough.  While many other businesses and industries are collapsing, the cannabis industry is as healthy as ever.  In fact, Colorado cannabis shops sell nearly $200 million worth of the green stuff and related accessories on a monthly basis.  This is up around $150 million during the same period of time last winter.

Invest in Cannabis and Hemp Through the eVest Marketplace

It is clear the cannabis and hemp industries are poised to soar to even new heights in the months and years ahead.  The only question is whether you will be on board for the ride.  Perform your due diligence, check out the investing opportunities on the eVest Marketplace, seize the opportunity to make money with the growing cannabis industry and you will rest easy knowing you took full advantage of this rare opportunity to become a part of a budding industry – pun intended.