The Platform Every Investor – and Syndicator Needs

As we know, the world of investing is multifaceted. For that reason, there are thousands of investing platforms and outlets tailored to cater to their own unique type of investor.

While we feel that this is necessary under certain circumstances, we also believe that it is past time that we had a platform that supported both investors and syndicators, not just one or the other. So… We did something about it.

eVest Technology is an online virtual investing hub spanning across an innumerable amount of industries in order to help our audience spotlight their “perfect” investment opportunity. We are the only platform that offers equal advantages to both investors and syndicators. 

Throughout the decades, we have personally filled both roles many times and have been able to successfully pinpoint, record, and solve many of the nuance’s investors and syndicators both experience throughout their process. 

Investors Of All Levels Welcomed

As times and events change, as does our investment objectives, risk tolerance, and goals. Someone who has been a relatively active investor may want to step back and focus on investments that don’t demand as much of their time – while another investor is facing the reverse situation. 

When one finds themselves transitioning under any of the above circumstances, an additional shift is usually required from them as well. This shift may be in the form of them having to switch investment accounts, platforms, custodians, deal with different advisors, and such. 

This costs us all time, energy, and money and makes an already arduous situation even more demanding. eVest is able to eliminate these inconveniences by offering low cost to entry rates for a myriad of investments that are not limited to any one industry.

Our investment planning and strategies should be adapting with the times – that’s a given for any intelligent investor, but yet the industry does not accommodate such an outlook. Its “little” conditions like these that, when added up, can easily discourage the most motivated individuals. 

We invest to be free (time, financially) – the outlet or platform you use should also aid and support this belief, not hinder it. As an investor, what more could you ask for than little to no fees, access to the most preeminent investment opportunities in the country as they arise, the resources to get it done, and a platform that grows along with your needs every step of the way?

A Syndicators Cornerstone

As syndicators, we carry significant responsibilities. In most cases, we may already have the connections / access to the capital needed; have already underwritten / performed the due diligence required – but are still left facing many hurdles.

Time is literally money to syndicators, and that’s why we made time to market and cost to come to market our two main focal points when creating eVest. 

We both know that time to market can take as long as six weeks – which to many, may not sound noteworthy, but to us, why wait 42 days when we can get it done in six?

We also know that cost to come to market is a vital step in the process, which can cost upwards of $20k and over in “some” scenarios. At eVest, we are proud to deliver a $0 cost to come to market per deal to all of our syndicators. 

And of course, we understand the importance of capitalizing on every opportunity there is to extricate every dollar out of the overall deal from the beginning. 

To prove this, we have eliminated the industry-standard fees such as the operating agreements, subscription agreements, payment processing, and others and replaced it with one monthly set license fee. Convenience and more capital to distribute to your partners – our way of “value-adding” to the deal and your experience.

It’s time that we, as investors and syndicators, use platforms and tools that are just as intricate, strategic, and encouraging as our goals and vision. 

If you had the opportunity to improve your IRR on every investment, would you? Visit, the platform with the most “appreciation potential” for your journey.