Wall Street vs. Main Street

The World of Alternative Investing

The aftermath of Covid-19 left a trail of disruption. The resulting restrictions caused the U.S economy to spiral downwards from last spring, causing policy makers and economists to worry that it would take years for businesses to recover.

 In an encouraging turn of events, economists predict that the economy’s size will surpass pre-pandemic levels this quarter. The projections show that the gross domestic product will hit its level and then exceed it by the end of this year regardless of the pandemic. 

The U.S economic recovery is fast-tracking stimulus money, Covid-19 mass vaccinations and re-opening of businesses which will cause a surge in consumer spending and investing habits, a decline in layoffs and a revival in factory output. In March, the retail sales jumped to 9.8% as reported by the Commerce Department. Joseph Brusuelas, the chief economist at RSM says, “the economic readings taken together reflect people going back to work, people seeing more income, people spending. This is a good story about the American economy’s resilience.”

The Greed that is Wall Street

Wall Street was motivated by greed and went ahead to take advantage of the economic turmoil and unreasonably shorted some stocks like AMC, BA and other “oldies” on the assumption that they would keep dropping as the pandemic continues to restructure the economy.

Investors got tired of the insensitive Wall Street and decided to try different routes for alternative investing. eVest Marketplace is one such platform with its strategic positioning anticipating the market transformation. Dan Summers CEO of eVest Technology quipped, “The pandemic actually helped fuel this retail trading saga in that lockdown created a vacuum in which to spend cash. Multiple rounds of stimulus, excess savings, low consumer debt and rising home equity amped up retail investor participation.”

Until recently, investors had to go through a broker and pay a commission in order to buy or sell a stock. Robinhood disrupted this industry’s modus operandi with its dynamic no-cost trades. This translates to a loss for the Wall Street suits who used to get a fee anytime investors wanted to buy stocks, options, mutual funds or other investments.

eVest Marketplace as the alternative Investing Platform

Through advances in technology, alternative investment opportunities like the eVest Marketplace provides the investing public with instant access to opportunities which goes to rebalancing the society’s economic and power needs. These offerings can be accessed through portals which are highlighted by informative programs like no-commission investing through platforms like eVest Marketplace, Reddit and Robinhood.

The Option for the Everyday Investor 

It’s Main Street’s turn to “eat”. Days when institutional investors shared knowledge amongst themselves and getting the lions share of the spoils are coming to an end. The retail investors are taking over, by embracing alternative platforms to give the power back to the people. The timing couldn’t be more perfect, with the societal and economic shift caused by the pandemic. This is after decades of investing institutions focusing on making as much money as the possible irrespective of the economic implications. It goes to explain why the eVest Marketplace is swiftly gaining momentum as the alternative investing vehicle for sophisticated investors. Everyday people have put their faith in this platform and by continually investing their hard-earned cash in businesses and other ventures, instead of faceless institutional investors who greedily manipulate stock prices.

Reddit and Robinhood took the investing revolution a step forward in recent weeks but eVest takes it even further. With alternative investing options besides traditional stocks, eVest opens up avenues for investments that were not available before. Opportunities such as start-ups, Funds, real estate, cannabis, technology, etc.are now available all on a single platform. The desire to do better than the corruption-laden Wall Street is a major driving factor. The investing public is presented with an opportunity to invest in upcoming businesses without the need of a broker, broker-dealers, attorneys, CPAs, analysts from Wall Street and other professionals who are out to skim for their own selfish benefits.

It is unfair for investment analysts to live large from the millions they make off of hardworking people who struggle to have a decent quality of life and still be able to save for retirement. The status quo is discouraging and the growing need for economic change has eVest stepping up to the plate to spearhead the revolution.

The idea that the public will one day take full control of its investing habit without the unsolicited interference from third parties or corporate Wall Street crooks might have seemed far-fetched but that’s not the case anymore. The opportunity has arrived and “dumb money” according to Wall Street has now transformed to “smart money”. The retail investor has in-depth knowledge and is ready and willing to embark on the investing revolution. Welcome to the New World of Digital Technology!