Join our White-label Program

White-label is when a service or technology is produced by one company (eVest Technology) and rebranded by and with another company (Sponsor) for marketing and distribution. The advantage of our White-label solution is that it leverages eVest technology to your prospects and clients through distinct, collaborative branding. Ready to learn more? Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Each eVest client is immediately assigned a personal Account Rep who will forward a detailed list of required data such as logos, colors, social media, contact and banking information, etc. to begin the White-label progression. This is a turn-key process that is usually accomplished within 48 hours after receiving the applicable client data.

Subsequently, your Account Rep will begin your offering on-boarding process to create your White-label Digital PPM. Offering Overviews, Sponsor Information, Financial Details, Documentation, Strategy, FAQ’s and even Zoom Meetings are all coordinated between the Sponsor and your Account Rep. What used to be a 6 week painful & expensive process is now a 6 day hi-tech experience thanks to digital technology and eVest technical ingenuity.