Real Estate Syndication Services: Why is the eVest Marketplace Important?

The labor market is experiencing a boost from the new businesses that are being created due to the rise in the number of workers exiting their current employment for better paying positions. The pre-pandemic period from February 2020 has affected the Industrial Average to 18% on average. This indicated a shift in the economic recovery status of the U.S., and after an uncertain 2020, consumers who have excess savings are looking for investment opportunities that are comprehensive and serve their needs while expanding their portfolios are looking for alternative investment opportunities. 

The availability of an investment platform like eVest Marketplace meets this need with an all-rounded guide on making investment decisions in various industries, which have different requirements, rates of return and risk benefits. These investments differ from the traditional vehicles like stock, bonds, or cash, as they diversify one’s portfolio.

Real Estate Syndication Services | The eVest Way

When eVest Marketplace was launched, reaching out to the conventional accredited investor was the key driving factor. The Marketplace gives these investors a detailed breakdown of alternative investment opportunities like real estate, start-ups, cannabis, Funds, technology, motion pictures, and others, all presented onto a single platform. Investors can compare myriad offerings side by side and depending on one’s liquidity and return temperature, can make informed judicious investment decisions while sitting at their kitchen table. Compared to traditional investments, the ROI’s offered on these alternative investments are significantly superior.

The Marketplace lists alternative investment opportunities that have more liquidity in its assets than the traditional investment portfolios. This translates to extended lock-up periods and consequently higher return rates with greater share value. The requirements for investing are minimum, and thanks to digital technology, the time required to set up a portfolio is considerably shorter than the procedure that traditional institutional investments follow. 

Unlike the greed that motivates Wall Street to short stocks whenever there is a semblance of a downward spiral of the economy, most notably the Covid-19 effects, the eVest Marketplace has positioned itself to offer investments at no associated fees to both investors and Sponsors. The Greed-Factor has been replaced with digital convenience and the power to discuss opportunities one-on-one with each and every Sponsor. This open-door policy allows prospective investors to grill Sponsors with questions about their offerings and their background allowing for first hand insight before making the final decision to invest hard earned capital.

The Marketplace, through significant advances in tech, is the preferred option for everyday investors, where they get access to information that stabilizes society’s economic and power needs. They are also presented with investment opportunities and market information that was not accessible before. Retail investors can take advantage of the no-cost trades by investing in upcoming businesses without going through brokers, accountants or attorneys, unlike the institutional investors who milk the economic implications on any market uncertainty.

The move to spearhead the revolution on investing habits by giving options unavailable before has put the eVest Marketplace on the map. Through its online investing platform, it replaced antiquated Private Placement Memorandums (PPM) with digital presentations saving Sponsors significant going-in costs which translates into higher returns for its investors.  These offerings can be accessed through the eVest Marketplace ( portal. Similarly, Sponsors enjoy the massive exposure to investors their offerings receive by participating on the eVest Technology platform (